A Change to our Pricing Model

Update: June 16, 2018: We are waiving the $50 setup fee for all clients that sign a contract with us in the remaining 2 weeks of June, 2018.

We are changing our pricing model beginning Monday, March 12, 2018.

Until now, we have only charged our clients a percentage of funds recovered. So, if a client had lost access to a wallet that contained 1 Bitcoin, we would charge them nothing until and unless we had recovered access to their funds.  At that point, we charged 20% of the funds recovered.
That model can work well, but it has some flaws, both for us as a company and for our clients.
Disadvantages for us as a Company:
  • Before we get to the point of decrypting wallets we spend a lot of time working with clients that often are not serious about recovering their funds.
  • More then 30% of the wallets that we have recovered have been empty, or had less than the equivalent of USD $50 in them when we recovered them.
  • We have spent dozens of hours researching complicated client issues, only to have the client decide not to pursue recovery.

Disadvantages for our Clients:

  • Half of the people that contact us have crypto recovery issues that don’t offer a clear path to the recovery of funds.  We have not been able to afford to service those clients.
  • Some clients with larger wallets balk at a 20% recovery fee.
  • Many clients have asked for phone consultations, which have not made financial sense under the old model.

To address these different concerns, we have decided to implement a new pricing model.  Beginning Monday, March 12, we are going to charge all clients a USD $50 up-front fee.  That fee will include:

  • An initial consultation by phone, and follow-up conversations by email.
  • We will thoroughly discuss your options for recovering your funds, include the use of recovery phrases, password managers and brute force decrypting your password.
  • We will help you identify likely password guesses.
  • If you choose to pursue brute force decrypting of your password, and we can get both a viable wallet backup and password guesses, we will test at least 1 million password variations.

In acknowledgement that the $50 fee reduces our risk in getting paid, we are reducing our fee from funds recovered from 20% to 17.5%.  In addition, we will apply the initial $50 charge towards our  fee.

So, to take our initial example of a client that had lost their password to a wallet that contained 1 Bitcoin, under the old model we would have charged 20% of the funds recovered, or .2 BTC.  Under the new model we would charge $50 up-front, plus .175 BTC when the funds are recovered.

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