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Making sure your crypto is always yours.

At Crypto Asset Recovery, we understand the importance of keeping your cryptocurrency safe and secure. That’s why we’re dedicated to recovering the passwords to your forgotten wallets, ensuring that your digital assets remain in your possession.

Picture this: you’ve got a digital fortune locked away in a crypto wallet, but the password is nowhere to be found. It’s like a treasure chest with a missing key – frustrating, right? But don’t lose hope just yet. Our team of experts use cutting-edge, air-gapped servers to crack the code and give you back control of your assets.

Don’t let a forgotten password keep you from your digital riches. Trust us to be your crypto sheriffs, on a mission to recover your lost assets.

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Meet the Founders:

Chris and Charles

Founders Chris and Charles Brooks

CryptoAssetRecovery.com was created to empower cryptocurrency owners to keep their assets safe. The company was founded in 2017 by Chris Brooks, a seasoned professional with a background in technology and a wealth of experience in the industry. He was previously the VP of Technology at Carescout and a programmer at Fidelity Investments.

In 2021, the company evolved into a family business when Chris’s son Charles joined the team. Charles is a computer science student at the University of Vermont, who brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of technical knowledge to the table.

Together, Chris and Charles are leading the way in the crypto asset recovery space, helping to bring large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency to the world. Today, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly-evolving industry.

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