Making sure your crypto is always yours.

At Crypto Asset Recovery we use air-gapped, in house servers to recover the lost or forgotten passwords to cryptocurrency wallets. 

Our clients come to us with a problem – for one reason or another, they have lost access to their crypto asset wallets. We all forget passwords, its just a part of life. But losing the password to your Bitcoin core wallet (for example) is a lot different than getting locked out of your email. 

With no “reset password” button and very little support online it can feel like you are out of options and out of luck. You are not.

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Our Story

Exploring the world of wallet recovery.

chris-and-charlie was founded in 2017 to help cryptocurrency owners retain custody of their assets.

Originally founded by Chris Brooks, former VP of Technology at Carescout and programmer at Fidelity Investments, the business has expanded to match market demand, becoming a family business in 2021 when his son Charles – a computer science student at the University of Vermont – came onboard as co-founder and CTO.

Today we’re proud to be leading the crypto asset recovery space as we bring large scale crypto adoption to the globe.

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