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Crypto Asset Recovery has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, and CoinTelegraph. Our team of experts has a proven track record of success in recovering lost or stolen cryptocurrency.

We use the latest technology and methodologies to investigate and identify the whereabouts of the stolen assets. Our process is discreet, efficient, and tailored to the specific needs of each case.

If you are a member of the press and would like to learn more about Crypto Asset Recovery or schedule an interview with one of our experts, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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Father-son team says they’ve recovered $6M in lost crypto

Written by Christopher Roark | Read more
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Father and Son Help Cryptocurrency Owners Recover Their Lost Assets

Written by Dean Takahashi | Read more
Forbes Logo

Crypto Asset Recovery Helps Confront Cryptocurremcy’s Greatest Fear – Losing Your Password

Written by Wayne Rash | Read more
Business NH Magazine

Upstart Startups: Crypto Asset Recovery

Written by Judi Currie | Read more
The Armchain Trader Logo

The Mystery of Ethereum’s US$1.6Bn Buried Treasure Trove

Written by Stuart Fieldhouse | Read more
Motherboard Vice Logo

Meet the Father and Son Team Breaking Into Crypto Wallets

Written by Matthew Gault | Read more
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CYBER | Crypto Asset Recovey

Podcase by Vice| Listen on Apple Podcasts
The National Logo

Bitcoin treasure hunters: the father-and-son team who recover lost cryptocurrencies

Written by Felicity Glovert | Read more Logo

Recovering lost coins: The rise of crypto bounty hunting

Written by William Farrington | Read more
The Boston Globe Logo

‘It’s the wild, wild West’: Meet the crypto hunters of New Hampshire

Written by Pranshu Verma | Read more
The Block Logo

The wild adventures of a father-son duo that go searching for stuck bitcoin

Written by Tim Copeland | Read more
BBC Logo

‘Hackers helped me find my lost Bitcoin fortune’

Written by Joe Tidy | Read more
CoinTelegraph Logo

Lost Bitcoin may be a ‘donation,’ but is it hindering adoption?

Written by Francisco Rodrigues  | Read more
The Wolf of All Streets Logo


Podcast by Scott Melker  | Watch on YouTube
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$140 billion in Bitcoin Is ‘Lost’ Due to Forgotten Passwords

Written by Chris Young  | Read more
Tech Times Logo

Father Son Hacker Duo are On Quest to Help People Get Back Their Missing Crypto After Forgotten Wallet Passwords

Written by Urian B.  | Read more
Hypebeast Logo

This Father-Son Hacker Duo Is Helping People Crack Into Their Lost Bitcoin Wallets

Written by Rosie Perper  | Read more
Markets Insider

A father and son who help clients find forgotten crypto passwords estimate billions of dollars worth of lost bitcoin is recoverable

Written by Carla Mozée  | Read more
Digital Journal Logo

Is The Crypto Password Problem Growing Out Of Control?

Written by GetNews  | Read more
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