Cryptocurrency Password Recovery

You’re here for a simple reason: you have lost access to your Bitcoin or other crypto asset.  Perhaps that is because:

  • You lost your password (contact us and we can help you recover it)
  • You can’t remember which wallet you used
  • You sent one cryptocurrency to the address for a different kind of cryptocurrency (ex: you sent your Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash address)
  • Someone stole your cryptocurrency

We can help with some of these issues.  We can’t with others.

How it Works

The simplest case in which we can help is that you lost the password to your wallet.  You provide us with a copy of your wallet (or even just your Wallet ID in the case of a account) and your best guesses as to what your password is.  We will use your password guesses to “brute force” your password.

To see how this works, read How to Recover your Lost Password.

Bitcoin and alt-coin passwords are secure enough to foil a brute force password attack when the attacker has no prior knowledge of the password. However, when the crypto asset owner knows part of their own password the probability of recovering it increases dramatically.

When we can help

  • You thought you knew your password, but perhaps it involves different numbers or different capitalization than you remember
  • You used a handful of different passwords when you initially created the wallet, but you can’t remember which one
  • You wrote down the password, but now it won’t open the wallet
  • You wrote down a list of words, and the passphrase is some combination of those words

When we can’t help

  • You have no idea what your password was
  • Your password was 15+ randomly-chosen characters long

Should you Trust Us with your Wallet?

First and foremost, with many wallets it is possible to send us a subset of all the information stored in your wallet, such that we can decode the password but not get access to your currency.  Learn more

If your wallet does not meet those criteria, then we need to address the issue of trust.

Trust is probably the most difficult hurdle to get past. Once someone knows the address and password of your wallet, nothing stops them from taking your money.  Sending someone the address to your wallet and giving them permission to attempt to decrypt the password involves risk.

However, please consider the following:

  1. I won’t take your money.
  2. I live in the United States.  If I stole your money I could go to jail.  Not fun.
  3. If you don’t recover your password, your money is permanently and irretrievably lost.
  4. The longer you wait the more likely that you will be unable to retrieve your password.  Perhaps your hard drive will finally die.  Perhaps you will lose the physical device on which the currency is stored.


We generally ask for 20% of the cryptocurrency that we recover for you.  If we were to recover 5 Bitcoin, we would ask that you send us 1 Bitcoin as payment.   No payment is due unless and until we decrypt your password.

  • There are no up-front costs to you.
  • There is no cost if we fail to recover your password.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in moving forward, please contact us.