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You are well on your way to recovering your digital assets and we cant wait to help! Follow the instructions on this page to get the most out of the time you spend working with us.

Check your inbox

The first thing you should do is check your inbox as you should have received a welcome email from This email is to confirm that your help ticket has been submitted and share some information about our process with you prior to a team member reaching out.

The Second thing you should do is add to your contacts list to ensure proper email delivery ( ie. to ensure no emails end up in spam).

Begin collecting passwords

The next most important step is to begin the password collection phase. This is the most important element of password cracking as the password permutations you are able to recall will be the foundation for our attack strategy. Spend some time going through old computers, notebooks, and most importantly your password manager to recall as many previously used passwords as possible.

Be thorough with this and record every single password you come across, the more guesses the better!

Change your passwords  

After gathering their password guesses, we recommend to our clients that they go back and change the passwords to any sensitive or financial account logins. We would never steal or maliciously use a clients data, but changing passwords after sharing them with a third party is best practice and should be used for peace of mind.

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