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I created a Blockchain wallet back in 2017 and moved 1.4 Bitcoin into it.  Then I lost my password.  I reached out to crypto asset recovery this year (2021) and asked if they could help.  It took a couple of days of back and forth to get the agreement signed, get a back up my wallet, etc, but then they started testing.  I was nervous, because if they were able to successfully crack my password there was nothing to stop them from taking the full contents of the wallet.  But, sure enough they found the password, then reached out and asked for permission to remove their 20% fee — and then they gave me the password!  I was skeptical, but I’m happy to know that — at least in my case — they were trustworthy.

H. Nowers

Chris is the absolute best!! I e-mailed him after trying to log into my account for weeks with no luck. Two hours after e-mailing him he had recovered my password with no problem! It was the easiest experience ever. He’s trustworthy and happy to help! 100% recommend.

Hattie M

A stranger to a trusted acquaintance. I would highly recommend Chris and Cryptoasset if anyone has lost their password to their valuable crypto currency wallet. In my case it was BTC blockchain password. When I first emailed Chris he responded faster than his competitors did, which I emailed 2 days earlier. Step by step we exchanged information and he gave me updates on what he was doing. And finally success, password recovered! Screen shots and a break down of the fees were provided which I was absolutely willing to pay. I tried over 6 months trying all my different passwords losing my mind, Chris recovered my password in about 30 hrs. I don’t know how many hours of sleep I had lost thinking about what my password was.

Thank you Chris & Cryptoasset Recovery,


I had setup a second level password on my account and couldn’t remember it. I also didn’t setup my 12 word recovery passphrase.

I searched online and got in touch with Chris from [email protected]
After explaining my situation as well as service charges, i sent my wallet ID, first level password and guesses of my second level password. I also had to approve the login status.

In a nick of time, it was done. Seems like a new year gift to have my wallet after a year.
Thanks CryptoAssetRecovery. Thanks Chris.

C. Ronald

Thank you Chris for amazing help recovering my coin. I am speechless, I searched everywhere, even the dark web for help to recover my coin, but Chris did in less than 30 minutes. Great guy, patience, understanding….thanks.

Michael O

I am not a software savvy guy, committed a stupid mistake while handling my cryptos. Chris helped me recover the “lost” money (though could have just taken it and I would have never get to know). He asked for a cut if successful. He kept his part of the deal, I kept mine. If I’ll need help I know whom to call first.

Ferenc K., Hungary