CryptoassetRecovery.com is a new company, and we don’t have a long history of testimonials to post.  We will continue to post as we receive new comments.

Feb 2017

“Thank you Chris for amazing help recovering my coin.  I am speechless, I searched everywhere, even the dark web for help to recover my coin, but Chris did in less than 30 minutes. Great guy, patience, understanding….thanks.”
-Michael O.

Jan 2017

“I had setup a second level password on my blockchain.info account and couldn’t remember it. I also didn’t setup my 12 word recovery passphrase.

I searched online and got in touch with Chris from cryptoassetrecovery@gmail.com.
After explaining my situation as well as service charges, i sent my wallet ID, first level password and guesses of my second level password. I also had to approve the login status.

In a nick of time, it was done. Seems like a new year gift to have my wallet after a year.
Thanks CryptoAssetRecovery.  Thanks Chris.”

-C. Ronald

Dec 2017

“A stranger to a trusted acquaintance. I would highly recommend Chris and Cryptoasset if anyone has lost their password to their valuable crypto currency wallet. In my case it was BTC blockchain password. When I first emailed Chris he responded faster than his competitors did, which I emailed 2 days earlier. Step by step we exchanged information and he gave me updates on what he was doing. And finally success, password recovered! Screen shots and a break down of the fees were provided which I was absolutely willing to pay. I tried over 6 months trying all my different passwords losing my mind, Chris recovered my password in about 30 hrs. I don’t know how many hours of sleep I had lost thinking about what my password was.

Thank you Chris & Cryptoasset Recovery,”



“Chris is the absolute best!! I e-mailed him after trying to log into my account for weeks with no luck. Two hours after e-mailing him he had recovered my password with no problem! It was the easiest experience ever. He’s trustworthy and happy to help! 100% recommend. “
-Hattie M.